i always felt -at least with the films that i’ve seen- that there was an over dramatised version of what friends are like with each other […] when i started writing the script (of Dil Chahta Hai) i started writing what could’ve ended being a very conventional love story about Akash’s track, who’s someone that doesn’t want to get involved too seriously in a relationship, but ends up meeting someone, and how he discovers true love. while i was writing that there was these two friends… that was about to happen to these two friends in my script as well
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face appreciation ช 1/∞
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theme is finished :D

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the new theme is wow. just wow. XD

thank you Catheriiiine, thise made my day *-*

i still have to finish it though, wich i’ll do tonight or tomorrow :D

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new theme almost finished

how do you guys like it so far ?

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can you please make a gifset of the song kabhi jo baadal barse?


since this is a blog dedicated to farhan, i think i made it clear that i will be only doing farhan related requests, so i’m sorry :/

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Farhan revealed to a local television channel that he will play Priyanka Chopra’s ex-boyfriend in the film. DDD will see Priyanka and Farhan having an tumultuous affair before she gets married to Rahul Bose.
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if you want something, i’ll need you to make a request please. also if you could enable your ask box, so that i could communicate with you easily, that would be great :)


gif and edits requests are open

you can request anything farhan related. don’t hesitate

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Dil Dhadakane Do 

Dil Dhadakane Do 

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