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Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar for Phool Khil Jayenge
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It (music) is a combination of many things. It’s a form of personal expression. It could also mean sharing emotions, thoughts and celebrating things together. Music has helped me open up emotionally in terms of communicating with people. My relationships with people take long to form. I don’t open up easily. Music has let me get on stage and interact with a large number of people. It has helped me to let go of my inhibitions and just be myself.
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shaadi ke side effects
+ reaction gifs (part four)
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how to make a new friend 101.
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Apart from your family of course, who I think keeps you grounded, you should also have friends who you’ve known for years and who have known you for years and can tell you that you’re behaving badly. It’s important to have the right people and not just ‘yes’ men. So for me the circle of friends who I usually hang out with and people that I’ve known for around 25-26 years don’t think twice of telling me that they just feel something is happening and that I’m changing in a way that is not a good way.
farhan akhtar during is interview for the london indian film festival (x)
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Desi smile: Farhan Akhtar 
Desi smile: Farhan Akhtar 
i always felt -at least with the films that i’ve seen- that there was an over dramatised version of what friends are like with each other […] when i started writing the script (of Dil Chahta Hai) i started writing what could’ve ended being a very conventional love story about Akash’s track, who’s someone that doesn’t want to get involved too seriously in a relationship, but ends up meeting someone, and how he discovers true love. while i was writing that there was these two friends… that was about to happen to these two friends in my script as well
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face appreciation ช 1/∞
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